How to help when school sucks

published January 31, 2023


Sometimes school sucks… or should I say sux? Anyone who’s been there knows how awful it is to be sent to what feels like prison. Every day. Friendships fail. The work is hard, or boring, or irrelevant, or all of the above. Sometimes teachers don’t understand. Anxiety, ADHD, autism, or jiggly wiggly legs make school feel like torture. And it seems like it will never, ever, ever end.

Parents struggle for solutions when school is a trial for their children. How do we help our children feel positive about learning, experience a sense of belonging, and do the work that can set them up for future success?

Join us for a webinar about how to make school suck a little less. In this webinar, you’ll receive:

  • 5 BIG IDEAS to change the way your kids see school
  • Tools to help you work with your child, teachers, and the school community
  • Strategies you need to set your child up for a better school experience


Dr Justin Coulson

Dr Justin Coulson is a dad to 6 daughters and grandfather to 1 granddaughter. He is the parenting expert and co-host of Channel 9’s Parental Guidance, and he and his wife host Australia’s #1 podcast for parents and family: The Happy Families podcast. He has written 9 books about families and parenting. For further details visit